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Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program Ampoule 30mL

₱ 2,200.00

Product Description:

  • Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program Ampoule is formulated with the finest ingredients responsible for its whitening and brightening effects.
  • It is the whitening care that you can achieve in maximum results safely without side effect.
  • Perfectly absorbed without the sticky feeling and no harmful ingredients which can also protect you from UV light. A whitening care possibly used all the time.
  • It is a translucent liquid that promotes intensive skin whitening, improves complexion, moisturizes and brightens the skin. It is best combined with Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program Activator for the maximum effects
  • Best suited for dry, normal, combination and especially age spots.

  Power of a drop that wakens your hidden light in the skin! ! ! 

Deep Bleaching System TM

Blocks the melanin tissue located at the very bottom of the outer layer of skin 

and totally care skin blind spot.

Glutathione GWTM TM

Glutathione Whitening Technology by Manufacturing method

components for skin whitening solution containing glutathione and 

manufacturing method thereof (patent application)

Platolwhite-C (patent 10-0441596)

increase elasticity and suppress production of melanin


prevent loss of moist and improve the skin surface

White Tea extract

relieves freckles and blemish



How to use:

After washing your face, use your favorite lotion or toner first, then apply ampoule on the skin 

using the dropper, then tap the skin to fully absorb.


30mL bottle with pipette type caps

Use together with Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program.  Product includes:

Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Waterfull Toner 150mL

Dr. Labella Intensive Whitening Program Activator 30mL

Dr. Labella Luminous White CC Cream, SPF 30/PA +++  35g

Dr. Labella Brightening Skin Gel Mask

Imported and Distributed by:

Vanity Center Skin Specialist Corp. - Philippines