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I’m officially starting my journey to clearer and brighter skin with Dr. Labella! Enriched with glutathione, platolwhite-c, aquaxyl, white tea extract and effipulp, Dr. Labella aims to improve skin tone & texture and provide moisture for dry & tired skin in as early as 2 weeks! I just received my first weekly supply of Dr. Labella ampoule and activator and i will be applying them generously every night for 4 weeks! Join me in achieving that kutis koreana with @drlabellaph 🌼 Visit for more details✌🏻

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Week 2 update using Dr. Labella ampoule & activator ❕ *late post*

Skin condition:
• combination skin
• acne-prone (i am diagnosed with PCOS so i am a cocktail of wacky hormones & overly aggressive sebaceous glands)
• sensitive skin (extremely!!!)
• rosacea triggered by weather changes

• dark circles have diminished at about 30-40%
• i also used a tiny amount of the activator on my lips since i’m experiencing some chapping just to see if it’ll help, and it did!
• i used to have some very light freckles on my nose and they’ve disappeared completely!
• experienced a breakout this week (it’s currently my 3rd week) but i will attribute that to my PCOS cos my body hates me 😩😩
• it faded dark marks at about 50% in 2 weeks, but it did nothing for my red marks left behind by acne (although i did not expect them to since red marks do not fade with topical products. They’re actually blood trapped under your skin brought about by inflammation and will only fade with time)
• my skin did not turn red or flaky even with continuous use so that’s amazing for sensitive-skinned girls like me!
• my skin has definitely brightened and it looks fresh and well rested 💯

I wasn’t able to take a before & after picture, but since my skin is responding well to the product, i will continue using this for two more weeks & i’ll update you with the results. 
Update: They’re now available at beautymnl!! 💕 You can also visit @drlabellaph or for more information 💓

XO, Thia

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